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1. When is a project proposal due?

Project proposals are due one week prior to an SSC meeting. The SSC meets an average of 7 times per semester, so there are plenty of opportunities to apply for funding. For a full schedule of meeting dates and proposal deadlines, see here. 


2. What projects can be funded by the SSC? 

Projects related to sustainability can be funded by the SSC. Projects must related to the three pillars of sustainability (environmental stewardship, economic vitality, and social inclusion), though each pillar does not need to be addressed equally. Additionally, student impact is a high priority for the SSC, so be sure to articulate the student impact/involvement in your proposal and presentation. 


3. Who can apply for funding? 

Any member of the UK community can submit a project proposal for funding. We encourage students, faculty, and staff alike to apply! The SSC places a high value on student engagement, so be sure that this is an integral part of your project. 


4. What are the steps to securing funding? 

Project leaders must submit a proposal that gives an overview of the project, timeline, and itemized budget. They will then attend the next SSC meeting where they will have 10 minutes to present followed by a 5-minute Q&A session from the Council. The Council will then have a closed-door discussion and vote on whether or not to allocate funds to the proposed project. The project leaders will be notified of their funding status within 48 hours of their presentation. 


5. Are there any funding requirements?

The SSC cannot retroactively fund anything, so be sure the proposal only requests funds for purchases yet to be made. Additionally, there are funding requirements based on the dollar amount and if it is a repeat project. For full language on these requirements, please see here


6. Is there a minimum or maximum funding amount?

The SSC allocates the Environmental Stewardship Fee, a $4.00 fee that all UK students pay each semester which generates about $200,000 per year to be allocated for campus sustainability projects. We have funded projects ranging from $300-$50,000. However, the more a project costs, the more emphasis the Council will put on contributing funds from other sources. 


7. What are the Council's top priorities? 

Because the SSC is funded by the student Environmental Stewardship Fee, they place a high value on student impact. Additionally, projects that occur on campus or ones that will bring knowledge back to campus are highly valued. 


8. What are examples of previously funded projects? 

Funds have been awarded to student organizations for startup costs, events, or attending conferences. Additionally, funds have been awarded for student research positions, student employment positions, and internships. Funds have also been used to improve campus infrastructure and programs. For a full list of funded projects, see here