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In early 2016, UK HealthCare formed a sustainability steering committee to advance and coordinate sustainability initiatives throughout the organization. The early priorities for this group involve developing and deploying a comprehensive set of waste reduction strategies and program. The scope of the committee's work extends well beyond materials management. The mission, charge, and composition of the group can be found below. UK HealthCare has also joined the Healthier Hospital Initiative based on a recommendation from this committee.




Sustainability initiatives can enhance environmental stewardship, reduce costs and promote a more fulfilling and healthy experience for patients and staff in healthcare facilities. This is often referenced as a triple bottom line approach; promoting people, prosperity and the planet. Sustainability is a core principle in the University of Kentucky Master Plan and UK Healthcare, an international leader in research and patient care, is well positioned to support the University’s commitment by becoming a national leader in sustainability-focused efforts specific to the healthcare industry. To that end, the mission of this work group is three fold:
1. Identify challenges and opportunities for integrating sustainability initiatives with the operations, policies, planning and programming efforts of UK Healthcare,
2. Recommend triple-bottom-line-driven solutions to UK Healthcare Administration and
3. Assist with the implementation, coordination and assessment of data-driven sustainability initiatives supported by UK Healthcare Leadership



The potential initiatives undertaken by this group can range from active transportation-focused efforts and procurement policies, to best practices in energy efficiency and sustainable food systems, and everything in between. However, the initial effort of this Work Group shall be focused on developing recommendations for a set of comprehensive waste reduction strategies that safeguard staff and patients from improperly disposed of waste and maximize cost avoidance. The group shall meet quarterly and may establish work groups as needed to address specific issues.



This group shall be composed of members representing UK Healthcare Administration, key organizational units within UK Healthcare, main campus support units and private industry partners; including, but not limited to:

  • UKHC Facilities Management

  • UKHC Safety

  • UKHC Materials Management

  • UKHC Value Analysis

  • UKHC Nursing

  • UKHC Perioperative Services

  • UKHC Ambulatory Care

  • UKHC Pharmacy

  • UKHC Compliance

  • UKHC Custodial Partner

  • UKHC Public Relations

  • UKHC Staff Education


  • UK Environmental Management

  • UK Recycling

  • UK Utilities – Energy Engineer

  • UK Sustainability