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Sustainability has become an important component of the planning processes and policy documents at the University of Kentucky. The President's Sustainability Advisory Committee also created the University's Statement on Sustainability Policy. This page also links to the major plans and policies that currently include direct references to sustainability.

Campus Master Plan

The University of Kentucky master plan will guide physical investment on the University’s campus for the next 10 years and beyond.Sustainability is one of seven core principles of this plan.


Transportation Master Plan

Addresses all aspects of the systems by which people move to, from and around the campus. The guiding principles of this plan include fostering environmental sustainability, enhancing mobility access, and safety.


Campus Landscape Guidelines

Purpose is to provide guidance to those who are responsible for the design and maintenance of the campus landscape. The guidelines include references to the importance of sustainability and a policy for sustainable landscapes.


Sustainability Strategic Plan

In the fall of 2016, the University launched an effort to create a 5 year plan for integrating sustainability with campus operations.